If I Do 32 Push-ups...

            Our team went to the high school again after school had dismissed.  There were a few students scattered here and there.  A group of 25 boys was doing handsprings, tumbling, and cheering for each other.  I went over there to challenge them. I said, “Who can do the most push-ups?”  A 17-year-old who was the most athletic one said, “What do I get for doing the most push-ups?”  I replied, “You would be the champion of your school.”  He then proceeded to do 31 push-ups with all cheering!  I then said, “If I do 32 push-ups, may I have five minutes to share the most important thing in my life?”  They agreed and then counted as I did 32 push-ups.  The gospel was shared with them.  All 25 young men prayed to receive Jesus.  The nationals then followed up with the questions from the testimonies and gathered their names for the church follow-up.  As I left I said, “You realize this 62 year old is the reigning push-up champion of this high school.”  They all smiled.  The joy of the Lord was in their faces and hearts.  Jeff

            After sharing the gospel at a school, I shared with the mothers who were sitting outside chatting together.  Many prayed to receive Christ.  Two young men who were working nearby asked to hear what we were saying.  I shared with them and both received Jesus Christ as their Savior.  They did not know each other, but each one asked to hear.  Recognizing each opportunity that God gives results in obedience to Him and joy in my heart!  It was awesome to see God work no matter where the team was.  Jenny

            Our team went to the local high school.  Upon arriving we were pulled into a small room.  Earlier there had been some confusion and we thought we were taken to the principal’s office!  The nationals asked us to present the gospel, but we strongly felt in this situation they should do it.  The national took a totally different approach which was amazing.  The truth was clearly presented to these officials.  Afterward, we found out we had been in the mayor’s office.  It just happened to be on the school grounds.  We then went to the classes.  There was a lot of noise and chaos in the large pavilion with one class next to the other and no walls.  I thought I was only going to give a greeting (that is what I was told), but then the national introduced me and threw me the EvangeCube.  I took a deep breath.  The Spirit was clearly giving me the words to say.  The students listened intently and asked questions when I was done.  Many of them prayed to receive Christ.  Afterward a number of them sincerely thanked me for sharing the good news.  They noticed the “discipleship” side of the cube in my hand and asked me what it meant.  I asked them if the story of Jesus changed their life and was it the best thing they ever heard.  They said, “Yes!”  Now, you need to share the story with someone.  It was an amazing afternoon.  What I thought was chaos was God’s opportunity to shine.  Jennifer

            We knew right from day one that God was about to do amazing things, because Satan began attacking from the beginning and continued until the end.  An opportunity came that we knew was beyond our own capabilities.  We spent an entire day sharing the Gospel with students at the University of Mindanao, a student body of over 20,000.  Five teams were assigned about eight classes each to visit and give the Gospel message.  More than 2000 students heard God’s message of salvation and more than 1500 prayed to receive Christ.  We don’t know the sincerity of each heart that responded—that is God’s business—but the thrill for me was to have the opportunity to glorify God and lift the name of Jesus in those walls of secular, humanist education.  I pray that a fire started in each heart.  I am in awe even now of being part of that experience.  Only in eternity will we know the rippling effect of this one day.  Deanna

            While our team shared the Gospel at the University of Southeastern Philippines, many good conversations were started.  One particular group of five girls is memorable, because it was obvious the Spirit was bringing conviction.  Several prayed for salvation and the girls were thankful for our visit.  Chuck

            Every night an elderly man came to the worship services.  One night he came down and accepted Christ.  The next night he brought his grandson.  The grandson came to the front and accepted Christ.  The following night, the old man brought a worker from his home. She went down during the invitation and received Christ as her Savior!  I love to see when the Holy Spirit is real inside someone.  This man got the real thing and wanted others to hear the Truth of the Gospel.  Hagen